About Jamal Mohamed College Alumni Association, Kuwait Chapter

The Objectives of our Kuwait Chapter are:


  • To serve the community by enhancing positive cooperation amongst the alumni & well wishers.


  • To develop service mentality and promote education amongst the needy section of the community and create a name in the field of social service by creating health & education awareness in Kuwait & India.


  • 1. Support during emergencies and if any other requirements. 2. Helping to enhance their Career and support job placements. 3. Organizing Periodical Medical Check-ups, Health Care, Motivational and inspirational Seminars, Workshops. 4. Providing assistance and Guidance to manage their savings & investments. 5. Alumni Member card with special discounts on their Dinning, Travel, Medical, etc… 6. Help members to be in touch with college for them to extend guidance and fulfill their Educational needs.

Services to Community:

  • 1. Scholarships to needy school and College Students. 2. Fund support to Family Welfare & Children Empowerment. 3. Health Care & Medical Awareness. 4. Blood Donors wing to assist local people at any time. 5. Fund assistance at the time of unexpected Calamities. 6. Guidance on choosing Career oriented courses and assisting placements in India and Kuwait. 7. Encouraging school students of Kuwait by introducing special activities that relate to academic.

Support Members:

  • To serve the community by enhancing positive cooperation amongst the alumni & donars.

Support College:

  • 1. Support needy students of the college with financial aid. 2. To build hostels for needy students and providing support on any unexpected opportunities for College growth. 3. Assisting college to organize seminars, courses on special skills and Intellectuals activities.

We warmly welcome all JAMALIANS in Kuwait to join our Alumni Association to serve and strive together as “One United Family of Jamalians”.