About Jamal Mohamed College Alumni Association, Kuwait Chapter

The objective of JMC Alumni Association, Kuwait Chapter Website is to keep connected with Jamalians all over the world, exchange views and ideas and to keep abreast of news of the alumni as well as from the college.

College life helps shaping ones personality and our time at the college has left an indelible mark on our lives. After our college life wherever we go and whatever we do in our life journey there is one thing common and that is passion for the college we studied and I am sure all Jamalians share this feeling.

Every one in our life should strive hard to become a man of success but at the same time should also try to become a man of value. I remember an African proverb β€œ If you want to go fast, go alone- if you want to go farther, go together”. In line with this principle, We, JMC Alumni Association Kuwait Chapter members, shall endeavor to cooperate with each other to help and encourage others and thereby serve community in particular and humanity in general. We also serve as a link between the management and the former students of our college.

With this noble thoughts JMC Alumni Association, Kuwait Chapter was formed in Feb. 2010 at the time of visit of Br. Abudul Rahman, Member of Parliament, New Delhi , who is an alumnus of our college.

I welcome you all to the Website of JMC Alumni Association, Kuwait Chapter. I do hope you find it easy to navigate through and may be useful in a very small way at least to you.

M.A.J.Mohamed Iqbal
- President

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